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Leaf beetle

Leaf beetle

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Maybe the invention of the wheel set man on the road to progress, but the invention of the glass lens must run it a close second!

Be it binoculars, macro camera lenses, microscopes or hand lenses, we now have a window into the natural world which our predecessors could never imagine.

Take for example this wee leaf beetle, “Chrysolina Fastuosa”, which in reality is only a quarter inch long (5mm or so for all non dinosaurs!)

Add a modern camera with the ability to focus even when placed within an inch of the subject,and Chrysolina displays her amazing multicoloured metallic gorgeousness for all to see!

I have to say it all amazes me. Plus there is the added gift that Chrysolina is also dirt common!

In the same photo session I took several pictures of a burnt orange colour of hoverfly “Rhingia Campestris”.

I must have many pictures of hoverflies, but inspection of the photos showed this species to possess a beak like a bird!

Such weirdness fascinates me and I am forever grateful to whoever invented the glass lens and revealed it all to me.

There can hardly be a day in life I do not use both camera and bioculars in wildlife study.

It would be so easy to take these instruments for granted. However, almost everything I find interesting is seen through one or the other.

Of course, my old van gets me from job to job, so the wheel has to be acknowledged as a good idea.

But for me the glass lens steals the honours any day!

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