Fewer crimes in county hailed

Sergeant Stuart Aitchison reminds members of the public to take part in the police consultation exercise

Sergeant Stuart Aitchison reminds members of the public to take part in the police consultation exercise

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You may have seen the release last week of our Quarter 4 Management Information figures – Police Scotland’s details of crimes that have been committed and solved across the country for the last financial year. We have seen a reduction in crime in Midlothian with over 300 fewer victims.

For crimes of violence, we have seen a fall in the number of robberies by a third from the previous year, and the detection rate for robberies is sitting at 93%, up from only half of offences solved in 2010. The number of serious assaults remained static but every single offence saw a suspect being put before the courts last year.

The number of sexual offences reported in Midlothian has remained static over the past year. We are continuing to see a significant proportion of such crimes reported as historical offences, with victims now feeling more confident in coming forward and reporting to us what has happened to them in the past. No matter how long ago the offence may have happened, I continue to urge people who have been victims of such crimes to tell us what has happened to them, we will always listen to and support them, and investigate thoroughly.

Housebreaking is a crime that hits where you should feel safest – in your own property. I’m pleased to report that there has been an overall reduction in all classes of housebreaking. But we are not complacent, and we’re working hard to reduce the number of break-ins to homes.

Drug supply offences remain stable – and that’s thanks to the community information we receive alerting us to dealing and associated behaviour.

We have seen some isolated rises in vandalism in some parts of Midlothian. We want everyone to feel safe where they live and work. Concerns can be raised through the Public Consultation Online Survey. You can log on to have your say at any time of day or night. We’ll soon be reporting on what priorities you want officers tackle.