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Sean Pertwee

Sean Pertwee

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See this week’s Advertiser to spend five minutes in the company of actor Sean Pertwee.

He’s such an iconic character. How did you approach the role? I started reading the history of it because I like to get there on my own and develop my own sort of bible. I ran it past [the show’s creator] Bruno [Heller], and I’m pleased to say a lot of my strand elements that I created actually adhere to the history of him. Alfred was an actor in some of them; he could mimic Batman perfectly on the telephone before Skype. He also taught him the art of concealment; the art of disguise, and a lot of those elements are being touched upon.

Given your characters’ mortality rate in a lot of projects, was it nice to know you’re not going to die in the show? I’m quite well known for deaths. My mother, when I was on The Tudors, said: “Oh my son’s on the telly.” She was very proud – and within seconds I was dead; roll credits. I think that was my record. I think someone started collating them on YouTube; they eventually put it together, all of my deaths.