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* When plants become pot bound, pot on in spring into pots just one size larger in diameter than its old one.

* Place desert cacti on a sunny windowsill all year round, although full sun is not essential.

* In winter, provide a cool position with a minimum night temperature of 8-10C (46-50F) so they have a period of rest.

* Remove decaying or dead branches of established trees, to prepare for winter winds.

* Protect newly-planted evergreens with a temporary windbreak until they are established

* Group containers over the winter for mutual protection, wrapping up vulnerable pots and plants.

* Rotate your cropping plan on the vegetable plot to reduce any build-up of pest or disease, and to create the right levels of food in the ground for various crops.

* Use shears to cut back clumps of mint to near-ground level, and apply a top dressing of leaf mould or compost.

* Encourage the uppermost Brussels sprouts to swell by pinching out the stem tip.

* Check all crops in store regularly as the air becomes cold and humid.

* Continue to propagate trees and shrubs by taking hardwood cuttings.

* Prune wisteria to increase flowering next year.

* Lift begonia tubers, dry them and store in a cool, frost-free place.

* Ventilate the greenhouse on sunny days.

* Tidy borders for the winter by removing stakes, cutting back dying foliage and digging out perennial weeds.