Midlothian debates the vote on independence

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Last week’s lively Advertiser debate at McSence Business Park gave the people of Midlothian the chance to hear both sides of the argument on Scottish independence.

Councillor Peter De Vink (Ind) led the Yes panel, joined by MSP Colin Beattie (SNP) and Councillor Ian Baxter (Green).

The No side was fronted by Councillor Adam Montgomery (Lab), who was joined by fellow Labour councillor Alex Bennet and Labour MSP Neil Findlay.

At the debate, chaired by Advertiser editor Jo Robinson, the panel was asked pre-submitted questions from readers and members of the packed audience. A wide range of subjects was discussed in relation to Scotland becoming an independent nation.

Passions ran high, in the audience as well as on the panel, as Midlothian came together to debate an important issue which will affect this country for generations to come.

Adam Montgomery kicked off the debate by declaring himself proud to be British and Scottish, before criticising the White Paper, calling it “all things to all men” and questioning points made in it about trident, the pound and oil.

Meanwhile Peter De Vink questioned why, having given the world so much including TV and penicillin, couldn’t Scots run their own country? He said Scotland was being let down by Westminster and “deserved much better”.

Read more in this week’s Advertiser, out now.




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