Mixed reaction to proposed film set

An artist's impression of the proposed film and television studio near Loanhead

An artist's impression of the proposed film and television studio near Loanhead

There has been a mixed reaction to plans for a multi-million pound movie and television studio development near Loanhead.

Last week the Advertiser reported that the £40m complex was earmarked for land between Straiton and Damhead.

No planning application has been lodged yet but Midlothian Council leader Owen Thompson said the plans could be a “major inward investment opportunity” for the county and Scotland.

On the Advertiser’s Facebook page the possibility of local jobs was welcomed.

Smith Boab said: “Great, I’m sure it would be a big success and provide many local jobs.”

And Elaine Blair added: “Will be good for jobs in the area.”

However, Stephen Watt said: “ Sounds great, if it comes off. One immediate concern is the impact on an already stressed transport infrastructure.”

While Bruce Alexander added: “Great, more Green Belt chewed up. Don’t want any more of that nasty countryside getting in the way of the strip mall from Burdiehouse to Penicuik. I’m all for more jobs but aren’t there any brownfield sites?”

As well as proposals for a film and TV studio, the 29-acres development at Old Pentland includes plans for an hotel, non food retail, commercial and residential areas with the potential for a gas combined heat and power plant.

The power plant would power the studios, which would have a lot of equipment requiring an energy source.




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