Roslin man’s ‘neate’ invention

Gavin Neate demonstrates his smartphone app. Photo: Toby Williams

Gavin Neate demonstrates his smartphone app. Photo: Toby Williams

Roslin may be famous as the birthplace of Bovril and Dolly the Sheep, but there now is a new invention to add to the village’s list of honours.

Resident Gavin Neate has created a revolutionary new system which will help the visually impaired and disabled cross at pedestrian crossings.

The Neatebox technology is now at the prototype stage and needs the interest of business to roll it out across the country.

Gavin (45) explained that on many occasions a visually impaired person found it almost impossible to activate a crossing and keep a hold of their guide dog, which would be sitting, as trained, on the paving.

Much of the difficulty depends on where the pole with crossing controls is situated. Sometimes they can be feet away from the edge of the pavement.

Gavin, who has worked for Guide Dogs for the Blind for 18 years, said he was keen to harness smartphone technology and came up with the concept of the Neatebox app.

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