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A pensioner has voiced his fears over plans to axe lunchtime crossing patrols a week after he was nearly hit by a car at a zebra crossing.

Councillors voted last month to stop lunchtime crossing patrols across Midlothian as only 26 pupils went home at lunch time.

The plans, due to come into effect in August, are expected save the council £38,000 in the next financial year.

But retired civil servant Robert Wood (63), who lives in St Anne’s retirement complex in Newtongrange with his wife Eleanor (70), claims the crossing patrols help elderly residents as well as children.

He described the near miss outside his house: “I was crossing the road, looked left and nobody was coming, I looked right and the car stopped to let me cross. As I thanked the guy for stopping, a car came from the left, it kept going and nearly knocked me over. The guy just put his foot down. He could clearly see me. I was still shaking when I got back to the house.”

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