Midlothian’s 100 objects - William Philip’s bicycle

William Philip's bicycle. Photo: National Mining Museum Scotland

William Philip's bicycle. Photo: National Mining Museum Scotland

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This bicycle belonged to Mr William Philip of Bonnyrigg, and was used by him during the General Strike of 1926 to travel around selling laces to raise money.

Mr Philip worked at the Lady Victoria Colliery, Newtongrange, in the 1920s. The bike is a Lycett Gent’s L20 Model and was donated to the National Mining Museum Scotland in 1985.

The General Strike began on May 4, 1926, and was the first of its kind. The number of strikers was between 1.5 and 1.75 million people.

The strike chartered new territory for workers by closing mines, transport, newspapers, docks and power stations. The strike came to an end nine days later, on May 13.

By mid June the effects of the strike were still being felt. The Advertiser reported that some families had been forced to accept parish relief and the number was likely to increase.

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