Midlothian songstress sows the seeds of musical ambition

shona maguire

shona maguire

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Bubbly and outgoing, Shona, aka Plum (a childhood nickname that she’s adopted as a singer), exudes the vibrancy of someone who is enjoying life at the minute. And with her “best ever album” due for release in March, she has every reason to be optimistic.

Critics rapturously applauded her debut album Different Skin, and raved about its “emotionally charged songwriting” (Clash), and “profound beauty” (The Skinny). Plum, from Rosewell, can hardly contain her excitement about the soon-to-be released follow-up: “It’s going to be listened to by lovers on picnics, teenagers on road trips and people walking to work. It will hopefully win awards and go down in history because it is my best album ever, and it is really very special.”

Read the article in full in the September 29 edition of the Midlothian Advertiser.