Penicuik’s David Louden has gr8 text success!

David Lauden with his prize.

David Lauden with his prize.

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Revved up and raring to go is Penicuik’s David Louden, winner of a high performance BMW.

David (27) won the M3 after taking part in a text messaging competition during Channel 5’s Fifth Gear television show.

His prize also includes £1,000 worth of fuel and up to £1,000 towards insurance. The 27-year-old, a manager with Ickle-World Childcare CIC, said the car had been one of the programme’s test track vehicles: “This was the first text message competition I have ever entered and I thought it was a wind up when they telephoned a week later to tell me I had won. I didn’t believe it until the letter came through the post.”