Powerful art by Midlothian artist goes on tour

Midlothian artist  Alison Kinnaird's powerful new work

Midlothian artist Alison Kinnaird's powerful new work

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Midlothian artist Alison Kinnaird’s powerful and thought-provoking new work which has left people in tears, has now started a year long tour.

Alison from Temple crafted 60 glass figures, most of them soldiers, for her ‘Unknown’ installation which is now touring Scotland.

She said: “It really started off as my response to the situation going on in the world today. I saw conflict all over the world, the whole world seems to be in chaos. It’s quite shocking.

“Glass seemed quite a good material to use given how fragile life is during war.

“The response to it has been absolutely terrific. We have had a number of people burst into tears in front of it.

“When it was in St Mary’s Cathedral in Edinburgh for Remembrance Week it was quite moving because people were coming in and putting poppies on the artwork, which I just hadn’t expected. I was quite taken aback.

“Although the sculptures are in rows in regiments, each one if different, they are all a unique person, they are all individuals.

“I also put a few civilians in there as well as it’s important to make the point that war doesn’t just affect the military.

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