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Battlefield appeal

The protection of battlefields is of particular importance to local communities in Midlothian and nationally.

The battlefield at Roslin (1303) is one of Scotland’s less well remembered victories of the Wars of Independence and deserves greater recognition. Midlothian Liberal Democrats are supporting measures to protect and enhance the site.

As a medieval battlefield, it is difficult to know the exact whereabouts of the event and therefore it is extremely important that the overall site is not developed without considerable care.

The site has not been subject to extensive archaeological exploration and it is important that if hidden artefacts from this period are to be found and protected for future generations that this site is left undeveloped as much as possible.

Under the current Local Development Plan proposals the battlefield site may suffer from encroachment.

Any housing development in this area should be subject to extensive archaeological investigation of the area prior to and during any development activity and there is a commitment to preserve as much of the site’s character as possible.

The site has the potential to play an important role in enhancing civic pride and providing a platform for educating young people about the history of their area and nation.

In order to do so though there is a need to preserve what we have and ensure there is adequate interpretation available.

There is a growing interest in medieval history and of battlefields across Scotland, with a burgeoning tourism industry, and I believe that this site has potential to draw in more visitors to Midlothian.

Jane Davidson

Midlothian Liberal Democrats

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