Band bearing up very nicely

Things are looking up for local band Fabric Bear with their first single '˜Rogue Wave' receiving national airplay from new music guru Vic Galloway.

Wednesday, 7th March 2018, 6:54 am
Midlothian band Fabric Bear have realeased their latest single.
Midlothian band Fabric Bear have realeased their latest single.

The three-piece from Midlothian followed that by releasing their second single ‘In Your Mind’ last weekend with accompanying music video.

Singer Ryan Hunter has been delighted with the response to Rogue Wave, including from Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway. And he believes that playing more shows in Glasgow recently has helped.

He added: “We are definitely trying to get more into the Glasgow scene. We are still living in Midlothian but we are talking about getting a flat in Glasgow. We got our first play on Radio Scotland last week. It was great. Vic Galloway was totally raving about the song when he played it which is really good for us.”

Single cover.

Ryan explained the recording process for In Your Mind.

He said: “We recorded it at West Studios in Glasgow in November with Chris Marshall and Johnny Madden, two well known producers in that neck of the woods. We recorded the previous single with them which we really liked.

“We knocked this out in a day. It’s got a harder edge compared to previous songs, a bit more punky and a bit more attitude. It wasn’t deliberate, that’s just the way the song came out. We never really have a discussion of ‘we should try to sound like this and that’. We just play what comes to us.”

See the video attached for In Your Mind. To hear the new single, search ‘Fabric Bear’ on spotify, soundcloud and itunes.

Single cover.