Craig Finlay Memorial Competition - From One Island to Another

Having different friendships and relationships is a key way of living a happy life.

Friday, 7th December 2018, 4:00 pm
Exhange students from Hong Kong at Murrayfield with their Lasswade High friends to see Scotland v Fiji.
Exhange students from Hong Kong at Murrayfield with their Lasswade High friends to see Scotland v Fiji.

If you are surrounded by the ones who love and care about you the more likely you are to appreciate others. We at Lasswade recently had an amazing opportunity to create an international friendship when we were given the chance to host an exchange student from Hong Kong.

We had the opportunity to host a girl named Nancy. She was only a year older than me, so we got to know each other quickly. Even though she was timid at first, Nancy broke out her shell and was quick to share the differences between Scotland and Hong Kong.

On Monday and Tuesday the students accompanied us to Lasswade High and were surprised by how spacious our school is. Together on Thursday we visited Edinburgh Castle, walked down the Royal Mile and dropped by the Scottish Parliament.

All of our guests from Hong Kong came together for the SCEN (Scotland China Education Network) Youth Summit in Perth. This annual event aims to showcase the best of the work done towards Chinese relations in Scotland. During the event, several Lasswade students gave presentations and performances. A group of our S1 students performed a traditional dance using fans. Furthermore, three of our senior students were rewarded with the title of Cultural Ambassadors because of their commitment and promotion of the Mandarin language.

One of the most enjoyable experiences was watching the Scotland vs Fiji rugby match at Murrayfield. I loved the buzzing atmosphere and showing my new friends a large part of Scottish culture without formalities. It was easy to tell that everyone enjoyed the match as our Hong Kong visitors were cheering on Scotland with us.

Having an international relationship with someone is really quite special. You can find out more about other cultures and how different lives can be. You can travel the world and see how life is over at that someone else’s home country. You can see the world through a different perspective.