Headteacher’s notes - Community delight at student attainment

'A' grade students from Beeslack Community High School, Penicuik.
'A' grade students from Beeslack Community High School, Penicuik.

The start of a new school year is always exciting, particularly celebrating the successes of our pupils in their national qualifications, writes Lynn Black (Beeslack Community High School).

We are very pleased to have seen an increase in our SQA attainment in S4, S5 and S6 with a staggering 24 students attaining all A grades. We have also successfully presented students in S4 for Higher level courses (a year earlier than normal); this was part of our drive to broaden opportunities in the curriculum to ensure we are meeting the needs of all students.

As a school community we are absolutely delighted by the attainment of all of our students and recognise this is down to a lot of hard work by the pupils, not forgetting the support offered by the partnership working between school staff and parents/carers.

Our S1 pupils are settling in and getting to grips with secondary school experiences; embracing the many challenges of making new friends, negotiating a very busy building and adjusting to the many enthusiastic teaching styles they encounter every day! We launched our “Read for the Future” campaign with S1 pupils last week, encouraging our students to embrace the many wonders and adventures that reading can take you on. This is always a very successful initiative and one of many creative approaches taken in school to support pupils in improving their literacy.

Our S2 pupils have had two amazing opportunities already this term with a day of outdoor learning and a visit by a Royal Navy Merlin Helicopter. The Green Team worked with pupils clearing and repairing paths, litter picking and learning about plants and trees and the sustainability of our local environment.

The Royal Navy visit was a real privilege and we were one of three schools in Scotland fortunate to host the helicopter visit. Pupils were totally engaged in the presentation by the team and the tour of the helicopter. The feedback following the visit highlighted the outstanding behaviour of the pupils but more importantly the insightful questions the pupils asked during the visit.

If the first few weeks are anything to go by it stands to be a very busy year ahead!