Loanhead teacher Karen is top of the class

Karen Hinton with some of the pupils who nominated her for the award. Pic: Scott Louden
Karen Hinton with some of the pupils who nominated her for the award. Pic: Scott Louden

Loanhead Primary School teacher Karen Hinton has spoken of her pride at recently winning the Forth One best teacher award.

P7 teacher Karen (33), picked up her prize at a glitzy ceremony in Edinburgh after being nominated for the prize by her current and former pupils.

She said: “It was really amazing, very emotional. They showed me a video they had made of my pupils so it was quite emotional to see what they said.

“They said that I was nominated because I was creative and I think outside the box, and that I’m really caring. And someone said you will never meet anyone more passionate about teaching.

“They also said I don’t do teaching as it has always been done.

“It’s nice to be recognised like that. To come from them it’s really an honour. I’m obviously doing a good job.”

Karen has also been touched by the congratulations she received after picking up her award.

She said: “I have received a lot of cards and a lot of the parents have said the same sort of sentiments. People thank teachers all the time but when they are being specific like that it’s special.

“A lot of the nominations were from past pupils which was really nice. I went into teaching because of teachers that I remembered from when I was at school so it’s nice to hear.

And Karen enjoyed her “five minutes of fame” at the awards ceremony at the Usher Hall. She said: “It was great, I felt like a celebrity. I was sitting at the front of the stage, everybody at the table was a winner, we didn’t know that at the time.

“They were all lovely, all really deserving local heroes.

“It was nice to be famous for five minutes, to have people cheering you.

“And then at the after party it was really nice having complete strangers saying really nice things having seen me getting my award.”

Cathy Kirk, Bauer commercial director, Radio Forth said: ”Our local heroes are the real stars of the Forth Awards and we’re delighted to bring acts, presenters and the crowd together to honour them.”