Additional Government support for Midlothian carers

Photo by John Devlin.  Shirley-Anne Somerville
Photo by John Devlin. Shirley-Anne Somerville

The 1,260 carers who were getting Carer’s Allowance from the DWP on April 16, 2018 were paid an additional £221 by the Scottish Government.

The Carer’s Allowance Supplement was the first payment to be made by Social Security Scotland, which was launched in September 2018. A second annual payment was made in December 2018.

Cabinet Secretary for Social Security, Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “These payments marked a momentous moment – one where the most significant new public service since devolution became real. With this one payment alone, this new service helped 77,620 people including 1,260 in Midlothian.

“This is just the start. Once fully operational, Social Security Scotland will administer 14 benefits, supporting 1.4 million people and providing approximately £3.5 billion in payments every year.