Coronavirus now accounts for one per cent of deaths in Scotland

The number of deaths in Scotland, as of Sunday, July 26, where coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate was 4,201, according to National Records of Scotland.

Wednesday, 29th July 2020, 2:10 pm
Life is slowly returning to normal but there were still eight Covid-19 deaths in Scotland between July 20 and 26. Photo: John Devlin

Eight of these deaths occurred between July 20 and 26, an increase of two deaths over the previous week, the second lowest weekly total since the first death in March.

Covid-19 accounted for one per cent of those deaths, significantly lower than the peak during April 20-26 when it accounted for 36 per cent of all deaths.

Director of statistical services Pete Whitehouse said: “Loss of life from this virus is tragic and every death represents loss and heartbreak for families throughout the country.

“Today’s figures show eight more deaths due to Covid-19, a figure similar to last week and one which is significantly lower than the peak week in mid- April when 661 Covid-19 related deaths were registered.

“Monitoring the progress of this virus is important and National Records of Scotland will continue to work with Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland (HPS) to understand it’s impact in Scotland.”