Covid can't stop Leadburn woman opening new chiro studio and releasing new book

A woman from Leadburn has refused to let the Covid pandemic stop her this year, after setting up her new chiropractic studio and releasing a health book.

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 6:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 9:10 am
Naomi Mills, in her Life and Light Chiropractic studion.

Naomi Mills, originally from Stonehaven, set up the new Life and Light Chiropractic studio at her Leadburn home in February, and released her book ‘You are the Answer, why it's time to trust your body’ in March, despite still being in lockdown.

Speaking about Life and Light, she said: “I’m quite a different kind of chiropractor. I don’t focus on the pain, it’s the wider picture of wellbeing. And how being relaxed effects your life. So more lifestyle based.

"I did run a very big family practice in Nottinghman for 10 years. Then moved back up here last year. I decided I needed a less stressful life and wanted to come back to Scotland and look at mountains.

Naomi hard at work in the studio with a client.

"It’s a studio in my back garden. I can see the Pentlands from my house, it’s very relaxing and grounding. They remind you how small we are.

"When the clients come they comment on how relaxed it is. It’s just completely different to what people expect from a chiropractic practice.

"I hope to entice local people to a different side of healthcare. Focus on everything that is already healthy about them, instead of what is wrong with them.

"I think there is a real awareness of well being and being proactive about your health. It’s seeing it as a part of a bigger picture, not just your back. It’s went really well so far. I’m halfway to capacity after 14 weeks.”

Life and Light Chiropractic studio, Leadburn.

It’s this wider health and well-being ethos that Naomi also wants to get across in her new book.

“It’s not a chiropractic book, it’s about the bigger picture of health and how our nervous system controls our quality of life and how stress affects you,” Naomi said.

"My book gives you help on how to deal with it.

"I’ve had a really positive response to the book so far. I have sold over 200 copies in eight weeks from my website.

"Starting a business and publishing a book at the same time is quiet a lot.

"But as I wasn’t able to work due to the pandemic I was able to do both.

"The studio was built from scratch, it’s one of the two extensions we have recently had built at home. It is working out very well.”

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