Country Corner

reed bunting for country corner
reed bunting for country corner

I’m showing you this picture of a female Reed Bunting for no reason other than the fact I like it!

Early morning dew, with the mist just lifting, has made pearl necklaces of the spider webs.

My path had taken me unknowingly close to their nest and both male and female were intent on telling me where to go!

To tell the truth, I would have preferred a picture of the black headed, white collared and very handsome male, but twigs spoiled my chance.

Of course I could have hung around and got the picture.

Some wildlife photographers would have done just that.

However, I believe very much that wildlife has right of way.

It was their patch and I was the tresspasser.

Only right that I should clear off sharpish.

In fact I am always amazed when I see walkers stick to their path despite seeing resting or feeding wildlife ahead.

Be simpatico!

We are just a species the same as all the rest.