Country corner with George Hogg


I’m no photographer but, even looking back through my own 40 years or so worth of country diaries, the evolution of cameras and photographs is evident.

In this digital age, when even phones take reasoable pictures, Joe Public is now able to experiment in exciting ways. Even basic cameras now often feature macro or close-up ability.

Closely cropped shots of subjects like this bracket fungi are able to illustrate the immense variety of pattern, form and texture in nature.

This allows nature to be studied as art.

Suddenly we are surrounded by images celebrating the beauty of intimately close surfaces such as tree bark, leaf veins, and the endless patterns to be found in pebbles and shells.

This easy access to close-up photography is producing pictures with no surrounding distractions.

This enables a new appreciation of fine detail in wonderful intricacy.

Finding the art in nature can be a revelation to the eye and enhance even further the sense of wonderment at evolution in its billion guises.

So get out there with your cameras. Get up close and personal and find the patterns which have always been there, but are now ready for the picking with the new widespresd availability of macro photography.

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