Down Memory Lane

Horsburgh's Tailor and Clothing Shop, Bonnyrigg
Horsburgh's Tailor and Clothing Shop, Bonnyrigg

Our shopping patterns have changed so much over the years. Village high streets have given way to shopping malls; everything under the one roof and quite often all that we want to be found in one shop.

With our “progress” to Asda, Morrison’s and Tesco we have seen the demise of the “corner shop” and the personal service provided by the shop owner, who knew he customer, and his or her individual needs.

When we had more time than we appear to have today, shopping was a time when we met our neighbours, heard the latest gossip, and generally had a sense of community.

A walk down Bonnyrigg High Street, for some of us, can be a walk down memory lane as we remember shops that used to be there and recall comments from those who have gone before us of those even further back.

There is a tendency today to go “into town” for what we want rather than look for the item locally.

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