Down Memory Lane

Every year we also went on a Field Club picnic, always to Edgelaw Reservoir, not far from Gorebridge.

That outing was a very special favour that Mr Cormack was allowed to take us there – as Edgelaw Reservoir is ‘off bounds’ to the general public. We were allowed lots of freedom that evening as everyone, teachers included, were having such a good time. The older boys even went out in the rowing boat to fish for trout maybe?

That sort of thing would never be allowed now as Health and Safety are paramount and teachers have to be so careful of children in their charge that all sorts of stringent measures are taken lest an accident should occur. Nevertheless, Edgelaw picnics were the highlight of the year for me. Another such highlight was the school Dramatic Society run by Miss Wilson. The Dramatic Society was a long standing tradition in the school and many successful productions had been performed over the years. As I had always great aspirations to be up on a stage I could not wait to join the Society. One of those productions I will always remember was The Taming of the Shrew – a Shakespearean comedy I thought that the cast did very well, especially the senior girl who played Katherine and the boy who played Petruchio. My palms were sore afterwards as we had all clapped so much. Alas, when I got my chance to perform my acting was not so noteworthy.

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