Frineg Review: Erich McElroy Tops Trumps ***

Erich McElroy Tops Trumps
Erich McElroy Tops Trumps

Erich McElroy Tops Trump ***

Laughing Horse @Espionage, Victoria Street (Venue 185)

Plenty of stand-ups are talking about Trump, the man child currently living in the Whitehouse, but few are as qualified to comment as Erich McElroy.

A native of Seattle now domiciled in Britain - completed with UK passport - he bring an in depth analysis to the glorious mess his homeland is currently in, and find plenty humour amid the madness.

He’s also perfectly positioned to tap into the cultural differences between the UK and USA, adding another layer to this set.

First though, he has to do his own door and crowbar in a full house into the most awkward of spaces, while also trying to keep those at the adjacent bar quiet enough to let him concentrate on his set - no mean feat in the packed, slightly chaotic, narrow corridors that makeup Espionage’s labyrinth over five floors.

McElroy packs plenty into his hour of stand-up as he reflected on life in the UK post-referendum and pre-Brexit, our NHS compared to America’s health care system, life on quintessentially British middle class school run, and, of, course, Trump, specifically, his version of the old Top Trumps card game.

It’s a good hour of stand-up, much wider in context than solely zoning in on the president, and, judging by the packed audience, plenty folk are seeking him out.

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