Fringe Review: Bruce ****

Bruce (Pic: Jamie Breen)
Bruce (Pic: Jamie Breen)

Bruce, Underbelly Cowgate

Who’d have thought a simple block of foam could tell a story that melts your heart?

It’s two years since Edinburgh first met Bruce, the star of this lovely show, and he’s back in the capable hands of his two puppeteers, the hugely talented Wyatt Nixon-Lloyd and Tim Watts.

They voice a host of different characters in this story of love, regret and time travel.

Bruce is a puppet with a past – a cop turned novelist turned space traveller trying to win the love of his life while facing down a ghost from the past.

His story, which takes him from skid row to space, is packed with gags and supporting characters, all brought to life by the voices of the two men behind the block of foam.

Their hard work, unseen, makes this rather special - it was fascinating to see how the audience warmed to Bruce and rooted for him along his journey.

That’s testimony to the strength of the story, the sharpness of the script, and the brilliance of the two men in the shadows.

Warm, engaging and wonderfully entertaining.

>> Bruce, Underbelly Cowgate

Aug 3-13, 15-27, 6.40pm

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