Fringe: Trumpageddon **


Trumpageddon **
Gilded Balloon (Venue 14)

Until August 28

Trumpageddon, Gilded Balloon

Trumpageddon, Gilded Balloon

It’s been packing them in throughout the Fringe and has added extra shows, but, for me, Trumpageddon just didn’t fly.

You really shouldn’t miss the target when it is as big, orange and outrageous as Trump – but it does.

Trump isn’t, indeed cannot be, un-Trumpable, but this show lacks real bite despite plenty going on.

Before it starts, Trump’s security team invite questions from the audience, while there is a live Twitter feed to take him to task.

With an aborted UK state visit, North Korea, a presidency in chaos, Trump’s increasingly rambling views on Twitter, and the rise of the alt-right, Trumpaggedon should have been a sure fire hit with razor sharp line after razor sharp line.

Instead, the audience interaction at times, felt awkward, and the few real howitzers of one liners, which certainly made folk sit up, were too few and far between for this show to build up any real momentum or buzz.

I expected a lot more from Simon Jay’s Trumpaggedon – an hour of sharp satire that really got its teeth into its subject matter, but instead it failed to ignite.


Gilded Balloon

Until August 28, times vary

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