Hovels were not fit for the occupation of pigs

The slaughterhouse built in 1904
The slaughterhouse built in 1904

Guest historian David Smith continues his look at Dalkeith’s past.

In 1903 Bailie Dalgleish made a statement which reflected the attitude to public spending. He thought that the Council was far too ambitious, wanting to crowd into a very few years work that should take a generation to do. He wanted to see the work before them done efficiently and economically in the interests of the ratepayers.

Applause greeted his remarks.

James Dalgleish owned a cork factory in the east end of the High Street.

Like other men in business he was concerned about the impact of rates on trade.

In 1904 Councillor McIntosh informed the ratepayers that the new slaughterhouse at Bridgend was one of the best in the country.

The previous conditions of slaughter had been appalling. There had been numerous places for killing scattered throughout residential parts of the town.

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