Local band is coming home

TOP folk band Lau have been busy recently, releasing their third studio album – ‘Race The Loser’ – and are currently on a UK tour to promote the new record.

But when they are not so hectic, accordion player Martin Green prefers the quiet life at home in Pathhead – a place he refers to as a hub for musical and artistic talent.

Englishman Martin explained why he loves it so much, and revealed that the village was treated to a special matinee show by the band recently.

He said: “I have been in Pathhead for eight years. I was living in Cambridge and my wife lived in Aberdeen – the drive was killing us. We both worked a lot in Edinburgh, so we decided to get a place around there.

“When we went to look at a place in Pathhead, we realised there was a lot of musicians kicking about. There is a bit of a scene here – lots of jazz musicians, folk musicians and ceilidhs.

“We’ve played Pathhead, in fact we did a warm-up gig in St Mary’s Church ahead of our album launch gig at Kings Place in London recently. My two-year-old daughter was there as it was a five o’clock family show.

“I love it in Pathhead, and I think it’s great to play there. It’s a great audience as there are so many musicians there. That helps make it such a great community to live in.”

Speaking while on tour, Martin is looking forward to the band’s “Christmas night out” in Edinburgh.

He said: “We are in The Queen’s Hall soon. That’s a hometown show now, as we see ourselves as an Edinburgh band. We started in Leith five years ago and still rehearse there.

“I think we’ve played The Queen’s Hall for the last three years now, and it’s a bit like a Christmas night out for us. It feels like home, it’s a really homely venue and so many great gigs have taken place there. It’s a big deal for us and it’s always well-attended. We get a few more each year.”

Lau recorded their new album in seven days at Castle Sound Studios in Pencaitland, and were delighted it was produced by a top American producer who has worked with the likes of Beth Orton and REM.

Martin added: “I think it’s quite different. Tucker Martine from Nashville produced it. He has made some great stuff, it was great to work with him.

“This album gave us an opportunity to be a lot more experimental. It made a lot of sense for us as traditional musicians to do that.”

l Lau play The Queens Hall on Tuesday, November 6. ‘Race The Loser’ is out now.