Remember When

Clerk Street, Loanhead (courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies)
Clerk Street, Loanhead (courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies)

Stories from our files


MAYFIELD: Tenants of Scottish Special Housing Association flats in Mayfield are up in arms against the Association who have refused to make the verandahs safe for children. There have been many protest meetings and 150 tenants, so incensed at the attitude of the Association have signed a petition.


MIDLOTHIAN: Midlothian District Council has been cleared of anti-competitive behaviour over its recently awarded £9 million refuse collection and street cleansing contract. The Scottish Office said that inquiries into allegations over the availability of district assets to private contractors would not continue.


PATHHEAD: Pathhead Medical Centre will soon be moving to greatly enhanced new premises which doctors hope will provide a first class surgery and extend services to the next millennium. If planning consent is granted it could be open by June.

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