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The Village, Temple (Photo courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies)
The Village, Temple (Photo courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies)

Stories from our files


DALKEITH: Dalkeith Town Council rejected a motion on Monday night to give further consideration to the proposal to reintroduce two-way traffic in the High Street and consult with the police, county council and the roads division of the Scottish Development Department.


ROSLIN: The privatisation of local bus services was slammed last week as a “kick in the teeth” for residents in Roslin and Auchendinny. Midlothian District Coucnil has now pledged “wholehearted support” for residents in the villages who are presently campaigning against the axing of vital services by Eastern Scottish.


LOANHEAD: New traffic calming measures are being introduced in Loanhead to prevent potential “rat running” at the forthcoming opening of the Straiton Ikea store. Eight public objections have been received from local residents against Midlothian Council’s proposals to prohibit traffic.

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