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High Street, Dalkeith
High Street, Dalkeith

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DALKEITH: Dalkeith may extend its twinning arrangements to include a town in Kenya. The Twinning Committee told a public meeting last week that several Kenyan towns have been consulted but no final arrangements have been made.


MIDLOTHIAN: Regional finance supremos quelled fears over rates this week in Mayfield, as Penicuik people united against increased costs. Two public meetings provided two startling results. At a Mayfield Local Labour Party meeting fears over rates were quelled. While at Penicuik Town Hall, ratepayers formed the Penicuik Ratepayers Association and began a petition on rates for the Secretary of State.


PENICUIK: A study of the needs of young people in Penicuik has uncovered an “urgent need” for new forms of youth provision in the town. Community education students who carried out the study have now recommended that consideration be given to establishing a drop-in centre or non-alcoholic bar where young people could meet.

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