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Polton Street, Bonnyrigg (courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies)
Polton Street, Bonnyrigg (courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies)

Stories from our files


LOANHEAD: Loanhead Town Council is to protest against the recommendation by Edinburgh’s Public Health Committee to allow fluoridation of water supplies.


NEWTONGRANGE: Almost £8 million has been committed to Newtongrange to ensure the completion of housing and environmental improvements over the next four years. Castle Rock Housing Association, which has rehabilitated more than 160 houses in the village in the last five years, recently acquired a further 131 homes for its final phase of improvements.


BONNYRIGG: A noisy Bonnyrigg resident has been served with the first fixed penalty notice from Midlothian Council’s new antisocial noise wardens. The householder failed to turn down the volume of their music to a suitable level. They have been ordered to pay £100.

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