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The Lady Victoria Pit Head. Photo courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies
The Lady Victoria Pit Head. Photo courtesy Midlothian Council Local Studies

Stories from our files


PENICUIK: Like other Midlothian towns, Penicuik got its full share of last Saturday’s downpour, and flooding reports were numerous. John Street area was perhaps the worst affected. When the street drains were not able to take the water which was coming from Bellmans Road and Carlops Road, the roadway adjacent to Carnethy Inn became flooded to a depth of several feet. Customers who wished to enter Carnethy Inn last Saturday climbed onto a wall to escape the deluge. At an adjacent cottage and at a nearby garage, sand and battens had to be put down in an effort to stop the water coming into the premises.


DALKEITH: One way traffic in Dalkeith could soon be introduced permanently if Regional Councillor Helen Graham gets her way. Councillor Graham is pushing for the High Street to be pedestrianised. However, this depends on the approval of the Dalkeith Town Study recommendations which will not be finalised until October.


PENICUIK: Around £2.5 million could be gifted to the Penicuik community if the proposed wind farm gets the go-ahead. In a bid to be a “good neighbour”, the wind farm company E.ON UK would contribute £100,000 a year to the local community. The wind farm, planned for Auchencorth Moss, has an estimated lifespan of 25 years, which includes construction and decommission.

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