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The Masque of Rosslyn performed at Rosslyn Chapel by the Glen Theatre. Photo: James Gardiner/Scran
The Masque of Rosslyn performed at Rosslyn Chapel by the Glen Theatre. Photo: James Gardiner/Scran

Stories from our files


DALKEITH: Dalkeith Sports Advisory Committee was launched at a public meeting in the Council Chambers last Wednesday. And during the meeting plans for an indoor sports stadium in the burgh were outlined. It had originally been suggested that the old bus station at the east end of the High Street would be a suitable site for the stadium. But an architect’s report on the alterations necessary before the station could be used as a stadium prompted Provost D Smith to comment: “The end results will probably not justify the cost.” The only other possible site suggested for the sports stadium was the old Corn Exchange. This, however, is not big enough.


MIDLOTHIAN: An ambitious £12m investment plan for Midlothian is to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Scotland for his approval. The purpose is to attract new business and develop tourist potential and leisure facilities in the district. The five-year plan has to be approved by the Secretary of State because it involves Midlothian District Council in capital expenditure. Proposed projects include new industrial units to draw businesses to the area, environmental improvements to Rosewell, Mayfield and the A7 corridor and the regeneration of Dalkeith town centre. There is also provision of county-wide all weather sports facilities, improvements to existing community centres, a new community facility for Roslin, a new library for Penicuik and swimming pools for Dalkeith and Penicuik.


DALKEITH: Plans for a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Dalkeith have received the green light from Midlothian Council. Members of the planning committee this week approved, in principal, proposals to build a supermarket on the site of Dalkeith Bus Station. In addition, the developer Forrest Developments Limited hopes to build a office/ retail/ restaurant unit on the ground floor and a restaurant/ health and fitness unit on the first floor of the Eskbank Road site.

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