World War One - Midlothian remembers

World War One
World War One

The Advertiser returns with its regular series remembering the months in the lead up to the start of World War 1 in 1914.

100 years ago Midlothian, along with the rest of Britain, would enter the First World War. 100 years ago this week, however, the people of Midlothian had other thoughts on their minds.

In the June 26, 1914 edition of the Midlothian Journal reported that miners across Scotland had decided to adopt a four day week policy. Since 1900 the exports of German collieries have been increased by something like 80 per cent and the Fife and Mid and East Lothian coalmasters are being driven by Germany’s cheap coals out of foreign markets where hitherto Scottish coal had a monopoly.

Operations have commenced in connection with the building of a handsome new picture house on a site in Clerk Street at the corner of Engine Road, Loanhead.

If you have any family anecdotes, memories, or thoughts from the time, then get involved here.