Worries that someone is deliberately attempting to harm pets by lacing glass shards with chocolate in a Midlothian park.

glass shards coated in chocolate
glass shards coated in chocolate

Concerns are growing in Midlothian that someone is deliberately trying to injure pets following glass shards coated in chocolate being found.

The suspicious and quite alarming incident happened in Mayfield Park on Friday morning as a dog walker came across the glass.

Midlothian Council took immediate steps to alert members of the public who use the park and posted an image of the glass on social media, warning parents and pet owners to be aware of the potential danger.

A spokesperson commented: “Please note that glass coated in chocolate was found at Mayfield Park today and was picked up by a dog that could have been seriously harmed.

“Although the glass near the play area has now been cleared up, we are asking parents, children and dog owners to be aware.”

Police Scotland confirmed they too were aware of the incident.