WW1: Midlothian remembers

World War One logo
World War One logo

The Advertiser returns with its regular series remembering the months in the lead up to the start of World War 1 in 1914.

100 years ago Midlothian, along with the rest of Britain, would enter the First World War. 100 years ago this week, however, the people of Midlothian had other thoughts on their minds.

In Roslin the children of the Established Church Sabbath School were preparing for their annual picnic, this year to Dalmeny. And the employees at the Gunpowder Mills in Roslin were also looking forward to their annual outing, this year “by rail” to Stirling.

Meanwhile, Mr Nelson, the headmaster of Rosewell, retired after 38 years’ service, with “tokens of respect and esteem from the people who have known him for long”.

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