WW1 - Midlothian Remembers

World War One
World War One

The Advertiser’s regular series remembering the First World War now enters the first few weeks of the conflict.

In the editorial column of the Midlothian Journal, the King and Lord Kitchener issue a call to duty to each individual man. “Never did an army leave these shores to fight with a greater feeling that they were warring against unrighteousness and in the cause of truth and justice,” concluded the column.

A public meeting was held in the Cowan Institute, Penicuik, on Monday evening to make arrangements for raising funds locally in aid of the Prince of Wales’ National Relief Fund. A similar public meeting was held in the Public Hall in Roslin.

The National Reserve men in Bonnyrigg, who are fairly strong in the district, are parading now and expect to be called up to the front any time now. There is in Bonnyrigg quite an army making socks for “Tommy”.

Owing to the war, Borthwick Flower Show will not be held this year. The horticultural society of Newtongrange and Newbattle agreed to abandon their flower show for the year.

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