WW1: Midlothian Remembers

World War One
World War One

The Advertiser’s regular series remembering World War One and its impact on Midlothian continues.

From 100 years ago this week Midlothian Journal now carries a full page of reports on The War in addition to local news of the war effort, recruitment and training.

Ladies Column: One very excellent effect of the great European war has been the manner in which it has bonded together all ranks of society in this one great common cause. Particularly is this notable in the way it has brought the King and Queen, Queen Alexandra and all the members of the Royal Family in touch with every section of their subjects. Day by day we hear of the King, interesting himself in a squad of raw recruits, reviewing troops whose speedy destination quite evidently is the coveted “front” or talking familiarly with some poor fellow who has been sent back for us to bind up his wounds and make him well again.


To the Navy: Mr Bertie Bowie, eldest son of Mr Richard Bowie, Hillside, having received a first class certificate as a wireless operator, has joined the Royal Navy and is at present on one of His Majesty’s ships.

Civic Guard: As a result of the public meeting held last week, quiet recruiting has gone on during the past week with the result that a large number of names have been secured. On Tuesday night the first meeting of the guard took place when the members appointed their executive committee.


News from the Front: Arthur Gilder, who is in the Naval Reserve, has been given seven days leave and is at present staying in the village. He has been in Belgium with the Naval Brigade and can entertain his friends with news of the state of matters at Ostend and district.


Town Council: It was agreed that Provost Gilchrist should act as returning officer at the forthcoming election and that the poll should take place in the Public Hall. Provost Gilchrist, in thanking retiring councillors for the work they had done in connection with the burgh and the assistance they had rendered their colleagues in connection with the work, remarked that Bailie Tait had made an excellent convenor of the Public Health Committee.


Town Council: Provost Williamson called attention to the unsatisfactory condition of the Kerr Fountain. Councillor Brown said that something must be done to remedy matters if the fountain was to be utilised for the purpose for which it was intended.