WW1: Midlothian Remembers

World War One logo
World War One logo

The Advertiser’s regular series remembering World War One and its impact on Midlothian continues.

From 100 years ago this week Midlothian Journal now carries a full page of reports on The War in addition to local news of the war effort, recruitment and training.

From the Front comes stories of allied victories, including Germans being driven from Lille and an “ambush and a surprise” leaving a “pile of German dead”.

Meanwhile in Midlothian, “batches of recruits and others” continue to come and go from Glencorse Barracks, as the full horror of war begins to hit home with the number of dead reported from Glencorse continuing to rise, with dozens of names listed this week. While more men still are listed as wounded.

And as Belgium is evacuated due to the advancing Germans, the people of Midlothian fundraise for and give thoughts to those living there. With “Belgian Flag Days” held across the county and money raised by locals for the “Belgian Relief Fund”.

In other local news a “sad motor bus accident” took place the previous Friday in Penicuik when a six year old girl was killed instantly when she was hit by a bus at the narrow entrance to John Street as she crossed the road.