WW1: Midlothian remembers

World War One
World War One

The Advertiser’s regular series remembering World War One and its impact on Midlothian continues.

From 100 years ago this week Midlothian Journal now carries a full page of reports on The War in addition to local news of the war effort, recruitment and training.

Bonnyrigg: Tomorrow (Saturday) a cake and candy sale, followed by a jumble sale, will be held in the UF Church Hall, the proceeds of which will be devoted to the Belgian Relief Fund. The sale will be opened in the evening by Provost Gilchrist.

Favourable progress is being made with the recruiting for the 8th Royal Scots throughout Bonnyrigg but there is still a number of local lads who have not yet taken the King’s Shilling and who are in quite a position to do so.

Glencorse: Private Arthur Kemp, of the Royal Scots, who has returned to Berwick wounded, says that he was taken prisoner by the Uhlans while out scouting and the Germans deprived him of his rifle and ammunition and the whole of his equipment. Kemp did not relish being taken a prisoner of war and decided to make a rush for liberty. A moment’s slackness on the part of his captors gave him the opportunity and he dashed off. The Uhlans fired at him and he was hit in his knee but managed to regain his regiment.

Gorebridge: Information reached the village on Saturday that Private Charles Jack of the Cameron Highlanders had been killed in action. Jack, who was a reservist, was called up at the declaration of war, and at the time was employed as a rural postman. Jack, who had been attached to Gorebridge Post Office for a year or two, was held in high respect by all the people who he attended in his duties.

Newtongrange: Two Austrian subjects were arrested by the police on Thursday last and escorted to Edinburgh to be removed later to Redford.

A deserter from the Leeds RFA was discovered drilling with the local contingent of the 8th Royal Scots on the 22nd of this month. He was conveyed to Edinburgh.