WW1 - Midlothian remembers

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The Advertiser’s regular series remembering World War One and its impact on Midlothian continues.

From 100 years ago this week Midlothian Journal now carries a full page of reports on the War in addition to local news of the war effort, recruitment and training.

Mr Lloyd George’s War Budget

The Chancellor of the Exchequer had the sympathy of the House of Commons when he introduced the War Budget on Tuesday, and broadly speaking it may be said his proposals met with approval.

Mr Lloyd George decided to limit the call to three things. First, and most largely, the draught will be upon the monied classes. But as every one in the nation is concerned in the war it cannot fairly stop there. Hence the extra charge upon beer and upon tea.

Gorebridge - At the meeting of Convention of Royal Burghs in the City Chambers, Edinburgh, on Wednesday last, Mr Ralph Dunn, Gorebridge, Assessor for New Galloway, submitted a motion to the effect that, whereas every German of any ability was an unofficial spy, upon the principle that every one ought to report to his or her national authorities anything about foreign affairs came to his or her ears which might be useful to Germany, and while appreciating the precautionary steps already taken by the Government, the Convention Committee was of the opinion that more stringent precautions should be devised and that the segregation of German aliens, whether nationalised or not, should not be confined to those of military age or sex.

The directors of the Arniston Coal Company have generously decided to grant to the dependants of those of their employees who are on active service houses rent free and in addition to give them a half-ton of coals per month.

Loanhead - Two of Loanhead’s wounded heroes arrived at their homes from the front last week and have interesting stories to tell of their strange and startling experiences. Robert Crookston, of the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders, received a nasty wound in the face by a piece of shrapnel but is making a speedy recovery. William Horsburgh, Station Road, was shot in the right leg just below the knee. The bullet was extracted from his ankle and has been retained by Horsburgh. Both men hope to get back to the fighting line ere hostilities cease.

Letter to the Editor

“Smokes” for the Royal Scots

The officers of the Reserve Battalion of the 8th Royal Scots have made arrangements to send supplies of pipes, tobacco, cigarettes and matches to the Service Battalion in France.

A first parcel of 25,000 cigarettes, 800oz of tobacco, 12 dozen pipes and 7 gross of matches has been despatched and the officers of the Reserve Battalion are making themselves responsible for sending this amount each month.

I shall be glad to receive any donations in money which will be used to increase the amount of “smokes” forwarded.

As the tobacco is sent from bond a very much larger supply can be forwarded than if the supply was purchased duty paid.

W E Thorburn, Major