£24,000 pothole bill revealed

In a five year period, Midlothian Council has shelled out almost £24,000 to motorists whose cars were damaged by potholes.

The figures, obtained by the Scottish Conservatives through Freedom of Information laws, showed that £23,709 was paid out in compensation between the financial years of 2008/09 and 2012/13.

A breakdown shows that claimants received £5,687, £1,453 and £9,009 in the last three years respectively.

While the total roads budget is £3.098 million – and this includes money for grass cutting, gully cleaning, emergency repairs etc, as well as resurfacing and other road and footway repairs – it is estimated by the local authority that it would cost around £24m to address the road maintenance backlog.

When the Advertiser publicised the statistics on 
Facebook, a number of local drivers were quick to respond.

Palma Green wrote: “Disgrace I have had to replace my three tyres over the last nine months due to them being low profile and when I hit a pothole it bursts them. Also damaged my front alloys which is all money!! Everyone is all over the place on the road including me trying to miss holes so yeah prepare for more accidents no doubt!”

Susan Goldwyre joked: “Everyone buy a bag of tar from B&Q and pour it into a pot hole near you. Best do it in the dark because you will be abusing public property.”

Robert Bain posted: “The back road from Dalkeith to Whitecraig there is a bad corner where they dug the road up. Eastlothian resurfaced up to border rebuilt the wall and new kerbs then it stops.”