A career that’s got all other jobs licked

Could you do far better than Janet as a school crossing guide?
Could you do far better than Janet as a school crossing guide?

There aren’t many jobs on the go that fit in with the children’s school holidays, only require a few hours commitment a week and you get paid.

If you have a love for the outdoors and a patient temperament, you could be an ideal candidate to be a school crossing guide.

I had an opportunity to try my hand as a lollipop lady at Bonnyrigg Toll last week.

Once I got over the shock of donning a hi-viz baseball cap and knee-length coat, I was aware of the responsibility of the task ahead.

Granted it’s a busy four-way junction, but there’s a lot to remember in a short space of time.

I was only “in post” for 30 minutes - a far cry from Sandra Gray, who has manned this crossing for 32 years.

She became a lollipop lady to fit in with her sons’ school hours. “I enjoy being part of the community, getting to know the children, getting to know the parents,” said Sandra (60).

Midlothian Council urgently needs reserve school crossing guides to support the permanent guides across the county.

Travel plan and school crossing supervisor Gillian Bathgate said: “You can get a lot of work. We have got 54 guides so the chances of someone being off are quite high.”

Reserve guides are not obliged to step into the breach and will be offered a permanent post when one comes up.

“That is why we are continually recruiting,” explained Gillian. “People retire or leave through ill health.”

Guides are required for a morning and afternoon shift. Payment is £8.10 per hour. PVG Disclosure checks will be carried out. A summer and winter uniform is supplied.

“We have got some guides who are parents because it fits in with term times. A lot have taken early retirement although the last few have been in their 40s,” said Gillian.

If you want to know more contct Gillian on 0131 271 3660.