A classroom lesson in comedy


Big School (Friday, August 29, BBC One, 9.30pm)

What’s It All About? Is your tie straight? Have you got your satchel and blazer?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then you’re ready for a new run of David Walliams’ hit sitcom in which the staff are in need of life lessons far more than the pupils.

In the opening episode, we discover there is friction between Miss Postern and Mr Church caused by a mix-up over a date at a local restaurant. Will they ever get together?

Miss Postern pushes her would-be beau to the back of her mind to organise a careers workshop, where it becomes clear she needs advice as much as her students do, especially after she comes face-to-face with one of the speakers - her old college sparring partner Fenella Forbes, who is now a best-selling children’s author.

Look Out For: The cast. Walliams (who stars and co-writes the scripts with the Dawson brothers) is rejoined by Catherine Tate, Philip Glenister, Steven Speirs and Frances de la Tour.

Numerous guest stars will also appear throughout the run, including Britain’s Got Talent runner-up Jack Carroll and Some Mothers Do Have ‘Em star Michele Dotrice.