A hilarious review of the week


The Last Leg (Friday, January 31, Channel 4, 10pm)

What’s It All About? It is with open arms then that we welcome back this “alternative” review of the week’s events courtesy of comic Adam Hills in this award-winning gang show.

If you’ve not managed to catch this hilarious offering before, the series kicks of with Adam joined by his eagle-eyed sidekicks Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, as well as a whole host of sporting and celebrity guests to delve through the talking points of the week.

Now in its third series, The Last Leg was originally aired to run alongside the 2012 Paralympics every night following the main coverage on Channel 4.

It provided a unique and refreshing look at disabilities, a topic which, even now, people shy away from discussing. However, Adam, Josh and Alex clearly did something right, as the programme was brought back for an end-of-year special, and then another full series.

This time around, amongst other things, the trio will be chatting about the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, encouraging the audience and viewers at home to ask questions about anything from the week without fear of judgement.