A night to remember the past


Television on Friday, June 12

Conspiracy: The Death of Hitler (C5, 8pm)

There are certain historical ‘facts’ we all believe to be true, but this new documentary series could get us rethinking some of our assumptions as it examines conspiracy theories dealing with everything from nuclear missiles to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The opening episode concentrates on theories relating to the Nazis, starting with Hitler’s suicide in 1945. According to one British journalist, the Fuhrer actually escaped, and the body in the bunker was that of the double - but if that is true, just where did Hitler go next?

TFI Friday (C4, 9pm)

Remember the heady, Brit Pop-soaked days of the mid-to-late 1990s? Then prepare to feel very nostalgic indeed, as the era’s must-see TV show, TFI Friday, returns for an anniversary special.

Okay, so the anniversary in question is its 19th - the series started in 1996 - but that only fits in with the anarchic TFI vibe. Chris Evans is back as the presenter, along with all the old gang, including Danny Baker and Will Macdonald. We’re promised some of the old features, such as Freak or Unique, It’s Your Letters and Show Us Your Face Then.