A night with the gods of comedy


Live at the Apollo (Friday, November 22, BBC One, 9.30pm)

Eddie Izzard presents the first of a new series of comedy showcases featuring established names and rising comedy stars.

For fans of the acclaimed actor and comedian who wore out their Live at the Ambassadors videotape 20 years ago, there’s a feeling little has changed as he launches into a typically eccentric train of thought, this time based on the name ‘Apollo’.

Look Out For: Rising stars Josh Widdicombe and South African comic Trevor Noah.

Josh has been performing live for the past five years. However, 2012 really saw him hit the mainstream. Performances on Stand Up for the Week, Mock the Week, and The Last Leg boosted his fan base. Here he’ll be recalling the time he was asked a bizarre question by a cash-point involving a cartoon monkey selling cereal.

Trevor is less well-known, at least in Blighty, but given his turn there’s a good chance he’ll be dominating the box before long. Here he reflects on growing up under apartheid in South Africa with a mixed race mum and dad.

Launching his act, Eddie randomly says: “Greek gods! Well, we’re in the Apollo. Greek god of trousers or something wasn’t it?”