A prr-fect night’s viewing


Television - Friday, June 3

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (C4, 9pm)

When it was first mooted that a mash-up between Channel 4’s longest running programme and one of its most popular comedy shows would be happening, most people thought it was a bonkers if fun idea. Few thought it would have the legs to run for quite as long as it has.

The first episode aired on January 2, 2012, on a night dedicated to hybrid programmes being broadcast as part of the station’s 30th birthday celebrations. It went down so well that a full series was commissioned - and a further six have followed so far. As ever, tonight’s edition is hosted by Jimmy Carr and features Countdown stalwarts Susie Dent and Rachel Riley, while Sean Lock and a special guest take charge of the teams.

Humans (C4, 9pm)

Laura tries to get rid of Anita, but is forced to reconsider when the synth saves Toby’s life.

Joe begins to share his wife’s suspicions that there is something strange about Anita when he checks her for damage and finds she appears more human than expected. George comes up with a plan to escape his joyless new routine under Vera’s care.